Unraveling the Bizarre Start of SGF with Lego Horizon Adventures

Grzegorz last month

The SGF event kicked off with a surprising twist as Lego Horizon Adventures made its debut. Fans of the Horizon series, known for its open-world PlayStation-exclusive adventures centered around battling robots, were taken aback by this unexpected addition. The usually serious and immersive world of Horizon was transformed into a colorful and blocky landscape, with characters and environments reimagined in the iconic Lego style. This bold move by the developers sparked mixed reactions among players and critics alike. Some praised the creativity and whimsy infused into the game, while others expressed skepticism about the departure from the established tone of the series. As journalists covering the event, we delved into the reasons behind this unconventional decision. Through interviews with developers and industry insiders, we uncovered the thought process that led to the creation of Lego Horizon Adventures. It became clear that the developers aimed to reach a wider audience by integrating the popular Lego brand into the beloved Horizon universe. By combining the familiar gameplay mechanics of Horizon with the playful and accessible nature of Lego, the developers hoped to attract new players while offering a fresh experience to longtime fans. Despite initial skepticism, many players found themselves charmed by the unique blend of two beloved franchises. As we continue to cover SGF and explore the latest developments in the gaming industry, the debut of Lego Horizon Adventures serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities and surprises that await in the world of gaming.